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LCD TV Stands Production

How to maintain TV stand
How to maintain TV stand


How to maintain TV stand 

   TV stand is one of essential furniture in our house, you can place it in the living room or bedroom, at the same time, a good TV stand is not only a “room” of your television, but also can decorate your living room or bedroom. How to choose the TV stand is very important how to take a good care of your TV stand is also very important. Let me tell you some important keys:
   How to maintain the TV stand in the new degrees ?
   The back of the TV stand is easy to be dirty and accumulate a lot of dust. In peace time you should pay more attention to these places. You can use a clean cloth wipe it often.
   How to maintain the radiance of the TV stand?
   In order to ensure the radiance of the TV stand, you can use olive oil diluted with water, and then wipe the TV stand with a clean cloth.
   How to extend the life of TV stand ?
   Be gently when you switch the drawer, to avoid the damage to the TV stand.
   Pay attention to the tool which yo use for clean the TV stand, it should be a twist dry wet towel, it can avoid the TV stand won’t be scratch.
   If the height of your TV stand meet the health standard ?

   As sit on sofa watching TV --- your seat height is 40 cm, the height from the seat to your eyes is 60cm, totally in 106 cm, if there is no special requirements, the height of the TV stand to the central height of the TV doesn’t exceed this height is the best. 

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