LCD TV Stands Production

LCD TV Stands Production

TV stand is necessary!

TV stand is necessary!

TV has emerged from the day company with a full cupboard! Previous tv stand is greatly surrounded by all size cabinet, now slowly evolved into the TV stand modeling alone highlights the style, or even just to show the characteristics of a wall, make the TV in its place, you have to let it have a best partner .

Media under flat screen tv holder furniture

TV stand modeling in accordance with the different orientation style, functional different, there are a variety of changes, when most people choose the TV stand, and also in accordance with the actual needs of home styles to choose, to the television one of the most comfortable home. Purchasing furniture very experienced interior designer Xiaochen liu, this time to take you to Ruilong furniture factory, TV stand Model Procurement carried the day in style designer Xiaochen Liu do distinguish introduced several models are available in different styles of modern LCD TV stand, and analyze the characteristics and demonstrates the use of styles with the skills to help us better understand the principles of optional entertainment centre.

Ready-made furniture style score a success, to follow the configuration of space scale. Living room accommodating way are hundreds of kinds,interior designer Xiaochen liu talk that: "In general, the storage area to the living room TV stand and low cabinet mainly, if space is insufficient, I would advise clients to choose three sofa, the remaining space can use a sofa couch serve as chair, but also a large number of hidden items housed underneath.

"in addition to the living room in front of the TV cabinet housed focus, if the depth of the living room around enough, Xiaochen Liu also recommends that consideration be behind the sofa by set high cabinets or low cabinet, on the one hand to follow the cabinet to do the compartment area, on the one hand increase the sense of security, but also increase the amount of storage space.

To be more precise the modern flat screen TV stands and other furniture or home space agreement must be put in the position you want to measure out preliminary spatial dimensions, holding size to pick, to choose the most appropriate size of the TV stand. Confirm the amount of housing and demand, according to the proportion of space planning to do to close furniture.

Buy TV stand first principle is to understand their housing needs and habits, the type and quantity of items placed in relation to the TV stand style selection, for example, bodegas, books, people collect antiques, you must first consider the treasures to show display, or to be afraid of dust covered up; the amount of attention to the effect of home theater people, audiovisual equipment also relate to the depth and size of the cabinet; taking into account the overall style of home, TV stand will affect the shape and material of the house furnishings arrangement. Xiaochen Liu emphasized ready-made furniture, TV stand first focusing on space-style construction, so the relative reduction in the amount of housing, if the living room there is a lot of demand for housing, to follow budgetary considerations or the system cabinet made furniture.

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