LCD TV Stands Production

LCD TV Stands Production

Four Methods to Install TV Stand

Four Methods to Install TV Stand

Tv stand saves space and beautiful, has won the favor of consumers and welcome, but we do not know the tv stand installation method, then the tv stand how to install it?

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Modern tv stand how to install?

1, the installation of flat panel TV stand

Flat-panel television is relative to the large body of traditional CRT TVs comparison slimmer TV, with decreasing size of the weight, installation of flat-panel TVs are also more flexible. In addition to the common holder with a stand on the way to the cabinet, the increased use of flat-panel TV wall manner "on the wall."

Wall-mounted TV with respect to the tv stand placed directly in terms of installation, so that TV has become decorative elements into home improvement, not only in line with mainstream aesthetic trends at the moment, but also can not tv stand, saving even more space. But at the same time, for the installation of wall-mounted TV high environmental requirements, installation is more complex, higher installation cost. So for've got tv stand, and no embedded line families, the television directly on the tv stand is a more cost effective approach.

2. the method of hanging the TV to the wall

TV hanging on the wall, the use of pylons are generally fixed to achieve. By match rack fixed to the wall, and then the TV is fixed to the rack, enabling the TV to the wall instead of hanging drop.

3, the installation charge of wall mount tv stand
Many consumers in the installation of wall televisions and found to charge, that is very understandable. But in fact, most brands of TV wall at the time of installation are available for a surcharge. If the general is the use of this brand pylons, the pylons only charge fees, ranging from a hundred to several hundred. And if it is rack consumers since the purchase, installation by a television brand person, you need to charge the installation fee ranging from 50-100.

Four methods to install led tv stand

4, the choices of wall tv stand

Although flat-panel TVs and more light weight, but to firmly hanging on the wall, will not ensure long drop, the quality is very critical of the pylons. TV rack can generally be divided into the rack with adjustable angle and fixed angle rack. Adjustable angle rack is usually adjusted up and down and can stretch, thus changing the viewing angle. Rack fixed angle is fixed after mounting angle bracket. If the same material, in general adjustable stand expensive in a fixed angle bracket, the owner can choose according to their needs and economic capacity. More LCD TV stands,you can visit


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